Beach64retreat in the Rockaways, Queens, New York was founded in 2017 with the aim to support on a micro level the creation of contemporary arts & culture and promote global cultural exchanges in times when it is more and more difficult for creative individuals around the globe to thrive.

Beach64retreat offered a completely free of charge independent one-bedroom apartment (kitchen/living and separate bedroom) with wi-fi connection in a private home on Beach 64th Street, in Arverne in the Rockaways, Queens, New York. The house is located on a quiet residential street between the Atlantic Ocean and the Jamaica Bay, just an hour ride from Downtown Manhattan (Fulton Station or Wall St. / Pier 11) on the A train or the Rockaway Ferry.

Beach64retreat was open for creative individuals and creators of any race, gender, age and nationality (artists, writers, musicians, architects, journalists, curators, programmers, art administrators, scholars, translators, etc.). They were invited on recommendation or selected in an informal application process. The stay ranged from a week-end to a week, depending on the creative/creator wishes. The dates of stay were agreed upon with the founders depending on the space availability and could be negotiated and/or adjusted to better meet the creative/creator’s needs.

Prospective participants were invited to send a short explanation why they wished and needed to come for a Beach64retreat in a form of a proposal, project or plan for his/her stay accompanied by a resume/narrative bio, and contact details of professionals familiar with his/her cultural practice as well as some examples of his/her past work and achievements in a form of a portfolio, website, FB page, blog, etc.
The creative/creator were kindly asked to leave after his/her stay in Beach64retreat some kind of a trace of him/her in a form of e-documentation (a picture, text, performance documentation, website link, a quote, book recommendation, list of watched movies, etc.) that were shared on the retreat website and social media and will become part of Beach64retreat archives. A short written testimonial might have also be requested.

After the creative/creator’s stay he/she would kindly leave the space in the same condition as it was given to him/her.

The overseas creatives/creators were solely responsible for their travel arrangements, as well as visas and the health insurance.
Apart from a completely free of any charge living / working space no additional grant was provided at this time. Also the weather is out of our control:-)

The first season (March 21, 2017 – March 20, 2018) was attended by twenty one creatives and creators. During our second season (March 21, 2018 – March 20, 2019) we hosted thirty one American and International creatives and creators. The third, final season, ended on March 20, 2020 with a couple of new residents in 2021.